Whether representing a company, organization, product, place or service, successful branding is rooted in the ability to connect with the target audience.

Branding builds reputation, forms identity and enables people to connect with emotion. Basic insights and a strong brand strategy is fundamental to creating a brand experience that speaks to both hearts and minds. It is the starting point for all communication, innovation and activation of the brand — and it provides a clear direction for the visual identity, company website, marketing campaigns and everything in between.


Hafnia-Hallen is Denmark’s largest multihal sports centre, located in Valby Idrætspark in Copenhagen. Formerly know as Club Danmark Hallen, the centre has undergone a major refurbishment and has reopened under a new name and visual identity, developed and designed by Re-public.

Insight and strategy

We are experienced in creating, developing and managing brands — either building from scratch, revitalizing or repositioning to align with a new business strategy. We employ equal amounts of strategic thinking and creative development, working in collaboration with our clients to build iconic, inspiring and lasting brands.

Services Include
  • Strategic Brand Development
  • Defining Brand Essence, Brand Key and Brand Compass
  • Brand Platform
  • Core Narrative
  • Naming
  • Brand Architecture

RIóN Mergers and Acquisitions is an established investment bank and advisory firm based in Mexico City, specialising in M&A and related corporate finance.

QVARTZ is a first-tier management consulting firm with Nordic roots and global reach. From offices in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo, the firm serves leading businesses, governments and organisations as a trusted advisor to top management, and as a hands-on coach for front line employees.

Kopenhagen Fur

Kopenhagen Fur
Kopenhagen Fur is the world's largest auction house for furskins and the global center for trade in fur. The organisation is owned by Danish fur breeders who, as an industry, are internationally recognized for their outstanding quality and fine sorting.

Re-public is a strategic design agency specializing in branding and visual identity

Established in 1999 with an international reach from Copenhagen to Mexico City, we develop intelligent and innovative cross-platform design solutions. We are creative partners to ambitious individuals and businesses who want to build strong brands. We partner long-term and work at pace to create meaningful visual communication.

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