From paper to screen

DBA is Denmark’s leading online commerce service with more than 1.3 million monthly visitors and 15 million new and second hand items for sale daily.

Originally founded as Den Blå Avis in 1981 and acquired by eBay in 2008, DBA has grown beyond the traditional classified ads on print. In 2014 the printed paper was discontinued and DBA is now operating purely as a digital platform.

To prepare DBA for the transformation from paper to screen, we were asked to redesign the visual identity and user interface elements for both desktop and mobile apps. The project comprises a brand new logo, revised color palette, new typography, icons and image concept.

Developed directly for a digital-first presence, the visual identity is designed to support the new strategic course – and re-establish DBA as an independant, current and approachable brand that makes it easy for anyone to make a great deal.

DBA typography design
DBA duck
DBA search bar webdesign
DBA colors design
DBA typographic animation
DBA motorcycle icon design
DBA vertical icons
DBA action icons
DBA chair
DBA bike ad design
DBA webdesign iphone ipad ui ux