Den Sorte Skole

Uncompromisingly black

Den Sorte Skole is a DJ and composer group based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Sampling fragments of sound from all genres of music and all corners of the world, Den Sorte Skole feels like a dark and dizzying trip shifting elegantly between earth-shaking bass and beautiful fields of sound unfolding on samplers and turntables.

For their first full-scale album, Lektion III, we created a visual identity and designed a limited edition album cover.

Lektion III is a 90-minute long original composition, mixed together from thousands of sound bites, lifted off more than 250 old vinyl records from 51 different countries. To translate this elaborate musical expression into any kind of figurative image would only result in an inferior representation of the monumental work. Consequently, the cover is contrarily and uncompromisingly black. Painstakingly simple and unembellished, all noise is removed to allow for an uninfluenced listening experience.

The album cover for Lektion III has been honored with the Danish Creative Circle Bronze Award.

Photo: Kristoffer Juel Poulsen