Grønbech & Churchill

From raw to refined

Established in 2011 and awarded with a Michelin-star within a year, gourmet restaurant Grønbech & Churchill takes its place among the pioneers of the celebrated New Nordic cuisine. Founded by the acclaimed Danish chef Rasmus Grønbech and located next to Churchill Park in downtown Copenhagen, the name is self-evident.

To complete the atmosphere of the dining experience, we designed a visual identity to match their talent and ambition.

Grønbech & Churchill’s innovative and confidently prepared cuisine is based on the principle idea of delicately refining fresh and natural ingredients with only the most subtle of interventions. This transformation from raw to refined is the main driver of the design concept, expressed throughout the visual identity by juxtaposing contrasting letter forms, colors and textures.

The result is a design recipe that carries the vision of Grønbech & Churchill and conveys a sense of gastronomic perfection.

The visual identity for Grønbech & Churchill has been honored with theRed Dot Design Award, Creative Circle Award and the German Design Award.