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Something to smile about

HATT Dental Clinic and Spa is something out of the ordinary. As one of the highest certified dental clinics of northern Europe, HATT provides state-of-the-art personal dental care and cosmetic treatments, catering especially to those who desire a bright new smile.

Situated in the sandy dunes of Skagen, a stay at the spa is complemented by the scenic surrounding landscape and natural light of Denmark’s northernmost point.

Improving someone’s personal appearance requires an acute sense of aesthetics and balance. In addition to establishing HATT as a highly professional practice, the visual identity is designed to convey their understanding and appreciation of beauty. The design is executed through skilled craftsmanship and exclusive materials as evidence to the high-level of finish, so important to the clinic’s work.

The result presents HATT as an expert practice that you can safely trust with your smile.

Hatt Tandlæge Visuel Identitet Logo Design
HATT logo
Hatt Tandlæge Visuel Identitet Logo Design
Hatt Tandlæge Visuel Identitet Logo Design