Kopenhagen Fur

Brand platform for a market leader in luxury

At the center of the international fur trade is Kopenhagen Fur — the world’s largest fur auction house and a well-established, exclusive luxury brand. Owned by Danish fur breeders, Kopenhagen Fur is the leading global provider of fur, recognized for its exceptional quality and fine grading and labeling systems.

In addition to the business of production and trade, Kopenhagen Fur works with leading designers, fashion houses and trend researchers to ensure a continuously innovative approach to fur design. New modes of thinking and novel ways to enhance the development of fur as fashion’s most luxurious material are on top of the agenda.

Since Kopenhagen Fur’s founding in 2005, Re-public has been a creative partner in developing and maintaining the brand. From creating the company name and visual identity to the design of brand books, annual reports, packaging and the digital platform, we have been involved in all aspects of Kopenhagen Fur’s visual communication.

Maintaining an ongoing partnership, we work continuously with the evolution and future direction of the Kopenhagen Fur brand.

Kopenhagen Fur image closeup
Kopenhagen Fur logo
Kopenhagen Fur book cover
Kopenhagen Fur detail image
Kopenhagen Fur tag detail
Kopenhagen Fur annual report cover
Kopenhagen Fur annual report cover
Kopenhagen Fur The Golden Fur pin
Kopenhagen Fur brand image
Kopenhagen Fur brand book pattern
Kopenhagen Fur fur book box
Kopenhagen Fur fur book box