A colorful revitalization

As one of Denmark’s largest pension service providers for labor market pension funds, PKA works to ensure a financially secure future for its members and their families. PKA serves approximately 275,000 members from a wide range of the largest companies and organizations in Denmark. 90% are women, primarily employed in the health and social sectors.

Celebrating more than 60 years of dedicated service, PKA knows that it is crucial to stay relevant. The organization asked us to update their visual identity, and help them step into an increasingly more digital world of communication.

Maintaining the pre-existing logo, we have considered and adjusted all aspects of PKA’s visual identity to achieve a clearer and more distinctive brand expression. Accommodating to the digital age of communication where the use of distinguishing imagery is becoming increasingly more important, we created a detailed concept for brand images and an art-directed style of photography.

The redesigned PKA is vibrant, friendly and welcoming but at the same time highly professional. The guidelines for the new design are defined in an online digital platform, easily manageable and accessible to all the different stakeholders involved with PKA’s visual communication.