All in the name

QVARTZ is a first-tier management consulting firm with Nordic roots and global reach. From offices in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo, the firm serves leading businesses, governments and organisations as a trusted advisor to top management, and as a hands-on coach for front line employees.

With the ambition to change management consulting from within, QVARTZ believes in a different approach to professional strategy and management consulting, and strives to challenge conventional thinking. We designed a visual identity to match the firms vison and ambitions.

In connection with technical modification to the company name, we were first asked for a modest update of the logo and graphic profile. Advising QVARTZ to take advantage of the situation and go above and beyond, the process has instead resulted in a strategically merited and meaningful full rebrand.

The outcome is a new company name, changed from the former Quartz+Co to the simpler, stronger and more distinctive QVARTZ. Following the name change, the visual identity has been completely redesigned to support and strengthen QVARTZ’s position as a force to be reckoned with.

QVARTZ logo animation
QVARTZ typography design
QVARTZ photo design style
QVARTZ annual report style
QVARTZ annual report style spread
QVARTZ graphic design elements
QVARTZ dot animation
QVARTZ website design ipad iphone
QVARTZ photo
QVARTZ icon design
QVARTZ banner flag design
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