SOS International

From white label to independent brand

SOS International is the leading assistance organization in the Nordic region. From alarm centers in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, SOS International provides acute personal and medical assistance all over the world.

Owned by some of the largest insurance companies in the Nordic region, SOS International offers a wide range of solutions and has a case volume that places the company as one of the largest assistance organizations in the world.

Following a new business and communication strategy, we assisted SOS International in a major rebranding process. From being perceived as an anonymous white label, the redesigned visual identity reaffirms SOS International’s market position and presents the organization as a highly professional and competent outsourcing partner.

All elements of the visual identity have been updated and streamlined across platforms. A new corporate typeface, simplified color palette, new brand images and a custom designed family of icons provide SOS International with the tools to come into its own as an independent, market leading brand.