Graphic Design

We create strong design solutions, guided by a passion for big ideas, small details and skilled craftsmanship.

Graphic design is the art and practice of visual communication. Covering a range of disciplines, graphic design works to attract attention, direct focus, structure information, convey meanings and make complicated matters simple. It is not only about making things look good, but making things look right – in order to effectively communicate with the target audience.

Design excellence requires the knowledge and understanding of typography, composition, colour theory, media, language and cultural codes. In combination with an acute sense of aesthetics, it creates captivating messages that inspire people to engage and take action.

Re-public graphic design Den Sorte Skole

Den Sorte Skole
Den Sorte Skole is a sample-based producer and composer duo based in Copenhagen. Balancing between the mainstream and avant-garde, Den Sorte Skole creates musical compositions and live performances, unfolding on turntables, samplers and effect-machines.

Design is our Craft

We combine creative thinking, technical expertise and practical know-how to turn great design concepts into real and operational results. When implementing brand identity, every single piece of roll-out holds potential for valuable brand exposure. Large or small, online or offline, internal or external — we care about every product we design, and work to ensure that practical development is done properly and on-brand.

The details are not just details — they can make or break the design. We take pride in being hands-on and partnering all the way through execution across key touch points. We are ambitious on behalf of our clients and work to ensure that everyday challenges are met and solved according to the highest standards of service and craftsmanship.

Services Include
  • Logo Design
  • Editorial Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Reports, Books, Magazines and Journals
  • Stationary and Business Cards
  • Information Graphics, Icons and Signage
  • Presentation Design
  • POS Materials
Re-public grafisk design Qvartz

QVARTZ is a first-tier management consulting firm with Nordic roots and global reach. From offices in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo, the firm serves leading businesses, governments and organisations as a trusted advisor to top management, and as a hands-on coach for front line employees.

Re-public grafisk design Boldklubben Frem

Boldklubben Frem
Founded in Copenhagen in 1886, Boldklubben Frem is one of Denmark’s oldest football clubs with proud traditions and a dedicated fan base. The club also has youth and amateur teams, as well as a cricket team.

Graphic design Re-public

Jonas Liveröd
For years, Re-public has maintained a rewarding working partnership with Jonas Liveröd, resulting in a number of collaborative art publications and exhibitions. Working as curators and editors, our design has given new form to Liveröd’s work – even to be regarded as new works of art in themselves.

Re-public is a strategic design agency specializing in branding and visual identity

Established in 1999 with an international reach from Copenhagen to Mexico City, we develop intelligent and innovative cross-platform design solutions. We are creative partners to ambitious individuals and businesses who want to build strong brands. We partner long-term and work at pace to create meaningful visual communication.

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