The most basic part of a brand is its name, and a good name is therefore essential to create both exposure, recognition and to attract attention with the target audience.

A name lasts longer than any other investment a company undertakes, since the name, from the start, is the focal point for the company's overall branding efforts to be projected into.

A good brand name is catchy, meaningful, can be spelled and pronounced, easy to remember, and be used for target groups across national borders. And it is matched with the overall brand story.

Developing a new name is not an exact science, but a methodological approach ensures that the naming development is executed on the best possible basis. We combine deep business insight with all the strategic, technical and functional aspects that the name must meet to develop a brand name that provides resonance with both sender and recipient.

Naming branding QVARTZ

New name, same name
Quartz+Co wanted to change their name to Quartz. But is that unique? When the Latin alphabet was made, U and V were the same letter. With this insight, Qvartz would have a unique name without having to change their name.

The sound of an exclusive art collection
Excellent art objects in the most expensive class featured in changing pop-up frames curated by art historian, trained at Goldsmidt University.

Branding naming Rión

From last name to brand
The Mexican investment bank, Rion y Associados, made a significant strategy shift by cutting their performance palette to the core, instead of going unilaterally to be Mexico's best for M&A. This strategy switch demanded more power and significance in the company's overall expression, including a strong and clear name.

An arena to all of Copenhagen
The former Team Denmark Arena in Valby has been converted to Denmark's largest multisports arenas. The names of arenas often rely on their geographical location. With 'Valby-Hallen' next door, and with the wish for a multi-arena that was unifying for all of Copenhagen, we used the original Latin name for Copenhagen, Hafnia.

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