Gold for Epinion at German Design Awards

November 16, 2020

We are happy to share that our work with Epinion has been selected for the German Design Awards 2021, and will be taking home a gold award in the category Excellent Communications Design – Corporate Identity.

Jury statement: “The design system creates a more than convincing presentation of the Danish analysis and consulting firm. The contrasting shapes create an intriguing and minimal design language, corresponding with the approach of Epinion to combine soft data and hard facts. A context is created here, which moves away from mere numbers, establishes meaning, and creates an attractive corporate identity.”

Following another recent win for Epinion at Creative Circle Awards in Denmark, we are still proud to have taken part in this exciting venture with Epinion, sharing both vision and ambition to set a new direction for the brand.

“Re-public’s design solution for Epinion has consolidated our visual identity by renewing and improving what was, and getting rid of what no longer brought value to a contemporary brand. But more than that, our new identity taps into the story of who we are and what we do, and has provided us with the tools to better convey this story to our audience and stakeholders.” – Berit Didriksen, CEO, Epinion

See the case study or visit the German Design Awards winner’s gallery.