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Visual identity for Frie Grønne – Denmarks’ climate-conscious and anti-racist party

September 8, 2020

Frie Grønne (Independent Greens) is a new progressive political party in Denmark, founded to challenge the political status quo and fight for a responsible climate policy, anti-racism, equality and diversity. Behind the party are elected members of parliament, experienced politicians, and young committed activists – all with a shared understanding of the urgency and determination to bring about real change.

We helped Frie Grønne define their visual language, and position the new party with a visual identity that is both standing out and taking a stand. Reflecting the rebellious viewpoint, uncompromising approach and global outlook, the design is blunt and raw, purposefully unconventional within the political landscape – and internationally oriented by default.

We look forward to presenting a full case study, as the design is further implemented.