People have personalities — businesses have brands. Branding builds reputation, forms identity and enables people to connect with emotion.

Insight and strategy

Whether representing a company, organization, product, place or service, successful branding is rooted in the ability to connect with the target audience. Basic insights and a strong brand strategy is fundamental to creating a brand experience that speaks to both hearts and minds. It is the starting point for all communication, innovation and activation of the brand — and it provides a clear direction for the visual identity, company website, marketing campaigns and everything in between.

We are experienced in creating, developing and managing brands — either building from scratch, revitalizing or repositioning to align with new business strategy. We employ equal amounts of strategic thinking and creative development, working in collaboration with our clients to build iconic, inspiring and lasting brands.


The smallest part of a brand is its name. Yet, the right name is essential to creating brand recall, market exposure and resonance with the target audience. The name will outlast any other business investment and sets the bar for all branding efforts and subsequent identity design. It is important to get it right the first time.

A good brand name is engaging, evocative and aligns with the brand narrative. Taking into account both strategic, technical and functional considerations, we know what it takes to create the right name that lays the foundation for a strong brand identity.

Services include

  • Strategic brand development
  • Defining Brand Essence, Brand Key and Brand Compass
  • Brand platform
  • Core narrative
  • Naming
  • Brand architecture

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