Visual identity

Seeing is believing. A visual identity captures and communicates meanings that cannot be imparted through words alone.

Guiding perception

A strong visual identity serves as a clear expression of a brand’s unique traits, core values and strategic position. It sets the stage for all visual communication, guides perception and inspires people to engage.

Branding is more than visual identity, but nothing without it. A distinct appearance ensures recognition and enables immediate emotional resonance with the target audience, adding unique value to the overall brand experience. For new enterprises, the launch of an identity makes it real, builds credibility and instills confidence. For established businesses, it can revitalize a time-honored brand, assert a strong position or mark the beginning of a new chapter.

At the core

Identity design is at the core of what we do. Always rooted in strategic thinking, we develop intelligent design solutions for businesses, brands and products. Whether a gentle update, major rebrand or launch of something brand new, we work to discover and realize the potential of every project.

No visual identity is better than its implementation. Exposed across diverse media and platforms, an intelligent design solution functions as an interconnected system of colors, images, typography, graphics, art direction and information architecture. Our work and services comprise both conceptual development, execution and implementation across channels. We see the bigger picture and know how every element will fit together to form a strong and captivating visual identity.

Services include

  • Concept development
  • Identity design execution
  • Identity system and hierarchy
  • Art direction
  • Design manual and guidelines
  • Cross-platform implementation
  • Design management

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